Our Focus – Managed Technology Service Providers
We believe that managed technology service providers are key to helping companies successfully achieve digital transformation, gain a competitive advantage in their industry, and realize the full potential of technology in their operations.

The Moonshot Advantage

Our People

We are visionaries at our core who transform ideas into results.

Our Ecosystem

Our diverse and inclusive network provides a range of deep insights to quickly grow businesses.

Our Expertise

We understand how to bridge business with technology and use our extensive knowledge to provide best solutions.

Moonshot Equity Partners is a private equity firm that specializes in investing in managed technology service providers that offer high-quality technology services to their clients. We use our expertise in the technology services sector to identify investment opportunities in companies that have a strong track record of delivering value and innovation to their clients. We work closely with our portfolio companies to help them achieve their growth objectives, whether through expanding their service offerings, entering new markets, or investing in new technologies and people. Our team brings decades of experience in technology and finance and has a proven track record of delivering successful results. Moonshot recognizes the important role that managed technology service providers play in driving business growth and transformation, and we are committed to partnering with companies that are making a meaningful impact in the industry.

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The Moonshot unified managed services Fund

Our Unified Managed Services Fund provides underserved founders with new avenues for growth. This Fund is a controlled buyout fund that invests primarily in successful small businesses in the fragmented technology services industry.

Investment Criteria – Platform 

Sector: Financial Services, Healthcare, Professional Services, and Retail
Location: Southeast US
Target Revenue: $20 – 25 Million
Target EBITDA: $2 – 5 Million
Qualitative Criteria:

  • Core sustainability – minimal single points of failure
  • Positive revenue projections
  • Quality customer base
  • Strong management team
  • Strong market position
  • Strong financial performance

Investment Criteria – Add-on 

Sector: Strategic fit with portfolio company
Location: Southeast US
Target Revenue: $1 – 10 Million
Target EBITDA: $200K – 2 Million
Qualitative Criteria:

  • Expand service capabilities
  • Diversify/augment customer base
  • Expand geographic footprint
  • Realize cost savings

High Standards In Daily Business.

We have 100% compliance requirements for our business conduct and ethical standards.

Our Code of Business Conduct and Code of Ethics highlights Moonshot’s basic principles regarding our behavior and values. It covers relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, society, the environment and shareholders.

Our Guiding Principles:

Safety and Wellness
Ensure proper labor and working conditions to maintain the health and safety of all employees.

Encourage a culture of meritocracy and fairness.

Responsibility and Trust
Promote integrity, reliability, equality and respect in all business practices.

Privacy and Cybersecurity
Always protect the privacy of confidential customer and corporate information.

Provide stakeholders with clear information about ESG risks.

Protecting Our Planet
Ensure and continuously improve the environmental responsibility and energy efficiency of our business.

Social and Community Empowerment
Promote the advancement of our communities and use our position as community leaders to provide beneficial contributions, with a focus on vocational training and opportunities, access to resources for education, support for arts and culture, and protection of our health and environment.